10 Helpful Hints for Taking Homeopathic Medicine

Whether you’re hearing “homeopathy” for the first time, a student of homeopathic medicine yourself, or anything in between, you can integrate these simple tips into your natural healing routine. To learn more about homeopathy, visit my resources page by clicking HERE. Remember, homeopathic remedies have no side effects and don’t interact with conventional over the counter

How Abuse Fueled My Success

During all the conversations Mark (my younger brother) and I ever had, I was talking non-stop and he was nodding.  He never really participated in the conversation; it was kind of like thinking, except saying it out loud to someone else.  I think the cruelty was much harder on Mark than it was on me

Locked Inside the Hospital

I started a new job at Doctor’s Hospital as the Hospital Supervisor working nights.  It was part of the plan to climb the ladder and move up in hospital management.  I loved the hospital.  I loved Dr. Boll*, who had leased the hospital to a management company just before I was hired.  My first assigned task was to terminate all nurse