Extraordinarily Intentional:

How a Nurse Became an Entrepreneur

Extraordinarily Intentional: How a Nurse Became an Entrepreneur will be available in Summer 2019.

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My first book tells more than the history of TRS Healthcare. It’s my heart behind my passion for transforming nurses into healthcare professionals. TRS Healthcare was originally named The Right Solutions, an intersection of my last name and the right staffing solutions I could provide for hospitals. I started the company from the ground up, working the first shifts myself. Ever since that first shift at Eureka Springs Hospital in Arkansas, my team and I at TRS Healthcare have actively strived to comfort and restore lives nationwide, while staying true to our humble roots. TRS Healthcare is one of the only nurse-owned and operated travel nurse staffing agencies in the U.S.
The book shares exclusive stories, photos, and words of wisdom: from my first day of nursing school and a murder-for-hire scheme to thousands of dollars of embezzlement, cancer scares, and unbelievable nurse stories, I share a unique perspective on the inner workings of TRS Healthcare. I know one thing for sure: nurses don’t just comfort patients and their families, we come home and do it all over again.

The shift never ends.

The Unbelievable Plight of mrs. Wright

My life story unfolds in a series of events that lead to who I am today. From a little girl with no shoes, food, or electricity in Shreveport, Louisiana, to a successful business owner of a multi-million-dollar company, I have followed a plan and stuck with it to overcome. In this touching narrative, I tell of how I overcame abusive relationships, lack of education, poverty, and loss. After a riveting ride through trauma, drama, and strife with both family and friends, I introduce my cancer diagnosis and a death sentence of eight months.

The Unbelievable Plight of Diana Wright is available as of September 1st, 2019. Click here to order on Amazon.


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